A6 - Shap Summit, Westmorland

Shap Summit and Memorial

The first of the four pictures on this page was taken by Steven Jukes, again just to the north of Shap Summit. The three pictures of the Shap Memorial were taken by Andrew Leaney and are reproduced here with grateful thanks. Please visit Andrew's website theLakelandFells.

A6, Shap A6, Shap memorial

The memorial reads as follows:

"This memorial pays tribute to the drivers and crews of vehicles that made possible the social and commercial links between north and south on this old and difficult route over Shap Fell before the opening of the M6 Motorway.

Remembered too are those who built and maintained the road and the generations of local people who gave freely of food and shelter to stranded travellers in bad weather."

A6, Shap memorial A6, Shap memorial text

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