The Island Shrine of St Genevieve

This page was originally created by Tom Sutch as part of his Apex Corner site.

This is a location, a roundabout near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, famous among members of SABRE. Its notoriety stems from the fact that all four arms on the roundabout have the same number, the B1106!. To check this, see This isn't just a mapping error; although only one arm is signed B1106 at the roundabout itself (see below), the other arms are signed as B1106 some distance away from the roundabout -- eg the western arm is clearly marked as B1106 in Fornham All Saints.

Its whimsical name comes from a post to SABRE made by Viator. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get onto the central island to make the sign of the Cloverleaf and Trumpet, largely because there was no-one else with me to take my picture doing so...

The view of the roundabout sign coming from the south. Only straight ahead is marked B1106.
Another sign to be seen when coming from the south. Fortunately, this doesn't say: 7.5T Weight limit on B1106 at Fornham All Saints. Alternative route via B1106 ->
The roundabout sign when approaching the roundabout from the west. Again, only the northern arm is numbered.
Round the back of the previous sign is this sign welcoming us to Fornham St Genevieve.
The roundabout itself -- rather unprepossessing, though someone's evidently got confused and driven into the roundabout, as some of the chevrons and the white-on-blue arrow are missing. This is viewed from the southern arm.
The signs on the western and northern exits. The flag sign at the northern exit says "Brandon B1106, Culford, Elveden Forest". 'Crematorium' (reached via the western exit) is not a village...
The roundabout sign seen from the northern approach. None of the other exits is labelled as B1106, so it seems they have equal prominence.
View of the eastern and southern exits. The farther (southern) exit is signed to Fornham St Martin.