Winnats Pass - Page 4

No buses, no lorries and no parking Beware, steep hill and falling rocks

Question - How do you know when you are visiting the Rural Roads website?

Answer - When you see pictures suggesting that the road is not suitable for bigger vehicles. In the case of Winnats Pass, Heavy Goods Vehicles and buses are banned, and for the rest of you who are foolhardy enough to use this road, it descends at a rate of 20% or 1 in 5, and you may need a hard hat to dodge the falling rocks! In fact, I've never had a problem with falling rocks along here, but I can see the point of the other signs.

Approach to Winnats A final view of Winnats Pass

The next picture shows a view of Mam Tor from the top of the Winnats Pass road where it meets the former A625 at a T-junction. To the right is the road that attempts to descend Mam Tor, now collapsed, although the first 1/2 mile is motorable; to the left is the road down to Edale running between the back of Mam Tor and Rushup Edge.

The final picture is a reminder of the area we have just visited - another chance to see the classic view of the pass. If you haven't already done so, why not visit Paul Berry's page on the neighbouring A625. Man has done his bit to influence the landscape but there are times when nature gets her own back - it's a fascinating look at the power of nature.