The Gower - The A4118 to Rhossili

A4118 fork with B4271

After leaving Upper Killay, we cross a cattlegrid to enter Fairwood Common. Amost immedioately, we reach this junction where we have the choice of heading towards North Gower or South Gower. In this trip, I took the South Gower Road, though as you will see, I returned by the other road.


Gower - Fairwood Common
Gower - Parkmill
Gower - On to Penrice
Gower - Scurlage to Pitton Cross
Gower - Middleton to Rhossili
Gower - Worms Head
Gower - Reynoldston and Cefn Bryn
Gower - Cefn Bryn to B4271
Gower - The North Gower Road

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